November 1, 2012

Contagious Kindness

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Today I begin my 14 day Kindness Challenge, inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Celestine Chua whose website, Personal Excellence, I greatly enjoy.  Our challenge today is to hug everyone we meet.  Before the challenge began, we were to invite one friend or family member to join us in this venture.  I put the word out to my Facebook family and my lovely niece, PJ is taking the challenge with me!  Tomorrow, I will blog about how this goes today!


I enthusiastically invite anyone interested to come along on this journey to make kindness contagious!


November 15, 2011

A Dream Come True

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This is my first day back home from a wonderful cruise vacation!  My sister-in-law, Judy, took me on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship (The Majesty of the Seas) to Nassau, Bahamas last week.


We flew out of KCI airport on Sunday November 6, 2011 to Miami Florida.  We stayed overnight at a Holiday Inn Express and then on Monday, November 7, 2011 at noon we took a shuttle to the dock and boarded the cruise ship at 12:45 pm.  We got processed through and went to our cabin then on to the Windjammer Inn (buffet) to get some lunch.  We then proceeded to the poolside deck and soaked up the beautiful Florida sun until it was time to go to the disaster drill meeting that was mandatory before we set sail out of the port at 4:30 pm.


We took pictures trying to capture the Miami skyline as we left the port, but it extends all the way around, so we got parts of it in pictures for memories.  My knee began swelling today and continued to swell so we limited our walking and exploring.  We did watch a great show in the theatre with excellent singing and dancing.  It was 70’s music which I loved.  After that we went to the Centrum and watched the line dancing class where people participated and learned the Hustle.  It was great fun and I wish I could have danced!


The following morning we docked in Nassau and were scheduled for a Glass Bottomed Boat tour.  Judy had gone to the medical clinic onboard the ship and obtained an elastic wrap for my knee before we set out on our tour.  While we were waiting for the tour to begin, we met two other women and began visiting with them.  Their names were Chickie and Janelle from Chicago, Illinois area.  Chickie had signed up for the nature trail tour the next day when we were scheduled for Cococay  private island and Janelle had planned to stay on the beach and do some reading because she had problems with arthritis in her knee.  So we decided that we would plan to be together the next day as well and I could stay with Janelle on the beach while Judy and Chickie explored the island.   This made me feel much better because I was disappointed that I couldn’t walk around much with Judy.


On the Glass Bottomed Boat tour we got to know Chickie and Janelle better.  They all went below the main deck to watch all the fish and I remained on the main deck because of the steep stairs down.  One of the crew members invited me to feed the fish with him and led me outside where we threw slices of bread and watched the fish and gulls.  He was so kind as to tell me all about the various fish that we saw.  I also could see all the way to the floor of the ocean in that beautiful clear blue water and saw conch shells and coral.  We had some rum punch and the tour narrator told us about all the celebrity homes we saw around Paradise Island and also about Atlantis Resort.  We didn’t really do much looking around or shopping on Nassau due to my knee problems.  When we returned to the cruise ship, I rested and iced my knee.


Later that evening we went to dinner for the formal evening at the Moonlight Dining Room, which was our assigned location – even down to the specific table – #107.  Who do you think we met again when we were escorted to our places?  Yep, there we saw Chickie and Janelle, as well as their other friend, Audrey and another two women, Carrie and Donna.  We all were surprised and laughed when we saw our tablemates.  We were destined to meet on that day for sure and certain.  Over dinner we learned more about each other – all of us beautiful in our evening gowns.  Carrie and Donna are daughter and mother from Detroit Michigan area.  So all of us were midwesterners.  Carrie, Donna and Audrey had also met earlier in the day on another tour they all had taken – not knowing each other beforehand.


The whole cruise vacation was just one wonderful surprise after another and a definite dream come true for me.  Often in my actual dreams I am in the midst of a throng of people that I do not know.  I do not know where I am, who they are or why I am there – which I have interpreted to indicate my lifetime of restless wandering.  But as I made my way on the various ship decks or out on the streets of some unknown town, I realized these were actually reality scenes from my dreams.   And never have I been afraid in my dreams – only puzzled.  This cruise vacation was such a blessing!    I loved meeting people from all over the world: 56 countries were represented among the passengers.  I loved listening to them converse in their native language and even though we did not understand each other’s speech, the universal language is a smile, a kindness extended or the music and beauty everyone recognizes and enjoys.

November 1, 2011

Whatever Happened to Love Letters?

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October 31, 2011


I have been going through old photo albums and boxes of pictures that never made it into albums.  The thought struck me that with all our modern technology, letters have become mostly a thing of the past.  I browsed through all the letters I have received from my children and other family members.  There were newspaper clippings, obituaries, newsletters, bookmarks, cards from all sort of occasions.  It will be my winter project that all these bits become a scrapbook, which in turn made me think of the scrapbooks my grandmother created.  They are wonderful and provide a glimpse into my grandmother’s life, likes, longings, pastimes.  She passed when I was 7, so it is like getting to know her.


So, I’m now thinking that this blog will be a way for someone to come to know me, even though we have never met face to face – what an awesome thought.  While I love spending time surfing websites, learning all kinds of new things and seeing things I would never be able to see otherwise, I will still miss a handwritten love letter.

October 1, 2011

My Favorite Poem

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My favorite poem:


by Priscilla Stees Klein

Could I but hold within my hands

The beauty of this day,

No leaf should drop, but always stay

Upon the crimson bough.

Each bit of color floating through

October’s rare and radiant blue

Should drift forever ‘twixt the earth

And sky, as it does now.

And yet, I know this day must go;

The seasons show God’s plans

As colors change.  So I must be

Content to hold in memory

What can’t be held in hands.


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Time to flip the calendar to October 2011!  I am choosing this as a beginning point for a new 30 day commitment to personal excellence.  I have committed myself to creating 3 new habits this month.

The decision to do this has come with signing up for Transformation Nation with Dr. Oz.  I chose to concentrate on physical fitness and emotional health.  To that end, I will begin daily walking.  Starting with baby steps of 10 minutes a day to 60 minutes by October 31.  I will foster an attitude of gratitude by keeping a journal of 3 things I am grateful for every day, with the aim of living in a state of conscious, perpetual thanksgiving for the blessings I am given.  The 3rd habit I will develop is meditation twice a day.  This will be the most challenging for me, as it is a completely new effort to be more mindful in the “now”.  At most I can do that for about 15 seconds, but my goal for this month is 10 minutes at a time.

The benefits I will achieve from these new habits will transform the rest of my life.  Every journey begins with a first step.  This is the first day of the rest of my life: let go and let God.

September 21, 2011

Winds of Change

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October 30, 2011


I have been blessed with the most gorgeous Indian Summer weather complete with colorful leaves, beautiful blue October sky and cooling breezes.  At times though, during my afternoon walks I observe the occasional whirlwind.  The capricious wind will scoop up some fallen leaves and swirl them as if in an invisible blender.  They will dance and turn to a tune only they can hear :).


As I walk along, I have also felt infused with the certainty of the winds of change.  This is a pivotal year, being my 60th.  Nationwide, and even worldwide, the weather has been making headlines.  Definite change is everywhere.  I observe this around me, but also feel it within me.


In my searching for spiritual growth, I have become acquainted with a website with very insightful information: by Jordan Canon.  He himself has a very interesting story about how the events of his life lead to spiritual discoveries and ultimately, his website that he shares with the world.