September 21, 2011

Winds of Change

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October 30, 2011


I have been blessed with the most gorgeous Indian Summer weather complete with colorful leaves, beautiful blue October sky and cooling breezes.  At times though, during my afternoon walks I observe the occasional whirlwind.  The capricious wind will scoop up some fallen leaves and swirl them as if in an invisible blender.  They will dance and turn to a tune only they can hear :).


As I walk along, I have also felt infused with the certainty of the winds of change.  This is a pivotal year, being my 60th.  Nationwide, and even worldwide, the weather has been making headlines.  Definite change is everywhere.  I observe this around me, but also feel it within me.


In my searching for spiritual growth, I have become acquainted with a website with very insightful information: by Jordan Canon.  He himself has a very interesting story about how the events of his life lead to spiritual discoveries and ultimately, his website that he shares with the world.


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