I am from the heartland of the United States of America.  I live in Nebraska and I love it here.  I live in a rural town of about 400 people.  I am so close to the countryside that I see deer almost daily and a bobcat has been sighted 1 block away from my home near a creek bed.


I enjoy gardening, which is mostly a do-it-yourself project with my husband, daughter and grandchildren.  Currently we are working on raking the leaves from our yard into a new compost pile for next year’s garden.  We also love watching the squirrels busily gathering nuts for the coming winter.  We have a bird feeder and enjoy watching and learning about the various birds in our neighborhood.


We have a wonderful family pet, Daisy Mae, a hound dog, part red-tick coon dog, part bassett, part beagle, part who-knows-what, but she is quite beloved.  We go on walks quite often and enjoy the scenes of nature all around us.  We enjoy the gardens of neighbors and all the beautiful trees in our town.  As you might guess by the name of my blog that I am a big fan of autumn.


I was blessed with a piano a few months ago and I am planning to learn to play it and I also want to learn to knit over this coming winter.  And I’m always reading some book.  I also love taking photos and am learning about using my camera on my phone.


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